We have a multitude of advertising solutions, all of which offer their own unique impact such as AD Rail , 3D Display Screen, 3D Floor Poster & Decals, Stairs Graphics, 3D Wall Graphics, 3D Billboards, Vehicle Graphics

The innovative 3D Display with light field technology offer a unique form of three-dimensional imaging. Objects seem to float in front of the screen. The viewer believes he can actually touch objects that supposedly extend up to one meter towards him. The effect is truly fascinating and really grabs the viewer’s attention.

Le-Chateau Bleu is the only distributor of 3D displays in MENA Region.

Objects, landscapes, animals and people all work on 3D Displays, as do writing and logos. But above all, 3D Displays can create exciting spatial effects. There are no limits to 3D!

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Imagine your company’s message in the hands of millions of consumers in full brilliant colors.

 “Give Your Brand Centre Stage”

We are delighted to introduce our brand new product ADRail in UAE. ADRail’s have been used as popular escalator advertising medium around the world. We are the only distributor of ADRail in the GCC. As a start, we are planning to launch ADRail escalator advertisement around the malls and metro stations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and later on extending it to all the emirates in UAE and GCC.

Escalator handrail advertising has been safely installed in over 2,000 locations worldwide.

Our installation teams are leaders in escalator maintenance and comply with the latest technical standards.

What is ADRAIL?
ADRail™is a high quality, patented film applied to existing escalator handrails that improve attractiveness and cleanliness while serving as outstanding branding tools that can’t be missed!

Handrails are visually interruptive and physically interactive. Their unusual placement grabs a consumer’s attention, which is only heightened by great creative.

Safe & Reliable!
Escalator handrail advertising has been safely installed in over 2,000 locations worldwide. Our installation teams are leaders in escalator maintenance and comply with the latest technical standards.

Health & Wellness
ADRail™film includes an antimicrobial property which reduces the spread of germs significantly, and the clean appearance encourages up to 70% more people to hold on to the handrail.

Patented Technology
We use a patented adheres to existing escalator handrails. its non-permanent film is easily applied using a patented process that improves both the look and hygiene of the handrails.


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3D Floor Posters appear three-dimensional to the observer. Our innovative process for the transformation of a 2D layout to 3D space, allows for the display of objects, which seem to stand upright and can be seen even from a distance. In contrast to other methods, we use strict math and optical principles for a perfect 3D look. 3D Floor Posters are a highly striking visual advertising message directed at your target audience in any environment.

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Le Chateau Bleu introduce Stair Graphics, enabling an innovative large format on an almost unused and widely available advertising location – staircases. Advertising on staircases was previously uncommon, and only possible in the form of single step ads. With the use of our patented procedure, Stair Graphics now enable us to reproduce a larger-than-life 3D image across several steps and landings. The 2D/3D image appears absolutely seamless on the staircase.

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Today’s billboards mostly appear as rectangular banners in public places, which come in a variety of flavors, depending on the location of the advertising space. To overcome the limits with classic formats for billboards, Le Chateau Bleu has developed a procedure to apply our 3D technology to existing structures & billboards. This enables the use of any moderately sized wall structure as a 3D advertising space, including overlapping spaces and moving vehicles.

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